General Wellness

During the group therapy meeting, an adult man smiles for a photo.

Your Wellness Matters.

The Office is here to help.

As part of a broader EOPSS/DOC initiative to positively affect the culture and overall climate within the DOC, the Office shall advise and focus on wellness in the DOC’s correctional facilities. 

The Office will regularly observe, examine, and thereafter advise and collaborate with the DOC on developing/ implementing improved comprehensive health and wellness initiatives and programs for the equitable benefit of those within the DOC. 

The goal of the Office is to enhance focus on improved health and wellness of all – including initiatives and programs around general infection prevention, work environment, stress/anxiety, and trauma.

Wellness Resources

The resources below are a non-exhaustive list. The Office of the Ombudsman does not endorse or support any resource particularly, and the list is subject to change.

A few resources include:

Corrections 1: Magazine for Corrections

News, Training, Products for Corrections Officers (

Lexipol: Information for Public Safety Careers

Public Safety Policy Management | Public Safety Solutions Company | Lexipol

Struggle Well 2 or 5-day program: Contact  or

Mental health Resources:


  • The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988
  • EASU: 1-508-422-3481
  • ON Site Academy: 1-978-874-0177
  • Community Mental Health Services Massachusetts: 1-833-773-2445

Other Resources:

  • Spring Hill Recovery Center
  • Veterans Northeast Outreach Center
  • RCA’s First Responder Program
  • McLean LEADER Program
  • Shatterproof